About Me

Everyone has some relationship with food – what we eat, how we grow, prepare, and consume food greatly affect the quality of life we live. The choices we all make with regards to our food impacts the lives beyond our own. However, most people are unaware of their consumer power and its affects others. I too am continuously discovering different aspects of the realities behind our food system; a system that is shared by every single person in the world, despite cultural, governmental or ethical differences. Although boarders may divide nations, issues of food cross them. I believe it is imperative to give some of these international stories a voice to make connections with the American food systems, while highlighting the strides that individuals are making for a more sustainable, socially just future. In this blog I want to take my adventures abroad to better understand the relationship of different country’s relationship to the environment!

                                background2           Working on a farm on Lago Titicaca while studying abroad in Peru.  April 2014.

In May 2014, I graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges (HWS), an Upstate NY liberal arts college next to the beautiful Seneca Lake.  It was in this institution that I discovered my passion for environment justice and international relations, having double majored in environmental studies and Asian studies, while also participating in student groups that addressed issues of social justice. Taking classes like, ‘food systems in history’, ‘environmental ethics’, ‘environmental theory & policy’, and many more exposed me to the interdisciplinary study of environmentalism; something I greatly appreciate because issues and solutions to environmental issues are complex and have many different factors.

In my last semester of college I decided to take the plunge and study abroad to Ecuador and Peru.  Although I had traveled outside the US before, I had no idea about South America or Latino culture. However, the trip was too tempting to resist! Trips to the Galapagos, Machu Picchu, and the Amazon was an environmentalists dream! This solidified my new found love for South America, especially Ecuador.

Like many other recent graduated, I have struggled to find my way.  Having traveled the day after graduation to Germany & Poland on a two week trip in remembrance of the Holocaust. Then returning back to Geneva, NY and the HWS campus and working at the Intercultural Affairs Center as the Community Culture Research Intern and creating and Green Update (which can be seen in this blog).  I also spent my last summer before adulthood working part time on a Farm called Seneca Seeds.

small2     Berlin, Germany. May 19th, 2014. Graffiti art that      reminded me of Peru.


After the summer too quickly ended the real world was about to hit my in the face.  Loans, Debts, joblessness were all things I spent my summer avoiding.  Now was no more.  So, I spent my days applying, researching, hoping to be hired.  Currently, I am interning as a communications intern at WhyHunger in NYC.  As an intern, I have had the chance to learn more about issue of hunger and poverty globally and domestically.


At WhyHunger’s annual Hungerthon. Here WhyHunger communications staff are working on guerilla marketing and promotion for Hungerthon. November 2014


In the 2015, I will be starting the New Years right.  I have a flight for Ecuador, where I will be traveling around the country for 5 months.  I will be working for a NGO as an environmental steward leader for a group of study abroad students.  We will be traveling around the country and working with different groups, some including, indigenous communities, organic farmers and city dwellers.  I want to record these various kinds of experiences and write stories of the individuals/organizations I meet that are making positive impacts in their communities.

small1   Walking in NYC advocating for Climate Justice in the People’s Climate March.  September 21, 2014.



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